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AVCA College Prep Combine

Building Your Recruiting Profile


Registration for the 2015 College Prep Combines are now OPEN! Click on the event below to register!  


2015 College Prep Combine Dates & Locations

January 16: California Kickoff, San Jose, CA
**Early bird deadline: January 2**
Wave 1: 5:30-7:45 PM
Wave 2: 6:45-9:00 PM 

February 13: Gasparilla VB Kickoff Classic, Tampa, FL

February 26: Colorado Crossroads Qualifier, Denver, CO

March 13: AAU Super Regional, Nashville, TN

April 9: JVA World Challenge, Louisville, KY

May 22: Northeast Junior Championships, Hartford, CT

May 29: MJVBA Championships/AAU Grand Prix, Grand Rapids, MI

For additional information regarding our College Prep Combine events, e-mail Emily Andrews at emily.andrews@avca.org. 


What it is: The AVCA/NCSA College Prep Combine assesses a player's physical potential, behavioral temperament, and current skill level at her preferred position.   The testing consists of three components:



1. Volleyball Performance Index (avcaVPI): this electronically-validated battery of tests will measure vertical jump, arm swing speed, height of attack, block jump, lateral quickness and acceleration, six physical measurements associated with success in the sport of volleyball.  Along with a player's height and reach these performance metrics make up the Volleyball Performance Index.  This single aggregated number can be compared with other players the same age, players at the same position, or players currently on college teams.  For more information on the VPI, please click here.



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2.  Athlete Behavioral Profile (ABP): using the proven Target Training International (TTI) DISC assessment tool, participants will receive a succinct overview of their behavioral tendencies on the court, as well as, their natural predispositions.  This profile is valuable for players as the insights increase self-awareness and identify blind spots which may impede progress.  The assessment also gives coaches shorthand perspective on a player's motivation improving feedback and team chemistry.



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3. Player Video Clips (PVC): each player will have a videotape clip of her performance in the height of attack, arm swing velocity and pro-agility stations automatically uploaded to her profile in the avcaVPI database. She will also have the ability to add her own 3-minute YouTube video clip to her profile. When combined with the avcaVPI, the PVC provides a college coach with the ability to judge how far along a player is in reaching her physical potential. 





What is an AVCA Combine all about? Watch this video to learn more!

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