JVA Committees


JVA is seeking volunteers for our Committees

We are looking for individuals willing to give a few hours a month in one of the following areas:

Education: help with suggestions for our newsletters and webinars, forward articles that you run across that would be of value to other members, recruit writers and presenters, etc.

Communications: Offer advice and suggestions on ways to better communicate with our members and the junior volleyball world; get JVA online with the newest technologies, etc.

Financial: Work with our Treasurer and Executive Director on developing the budget and advising on financial matters.

Recognition: Help to develop an awards program for our association, find good programs and recognize the people who make them work; reward the people who promote the JVA message.

Membership/Zonal Representation: Represent JVA members in your area of the country and advise the board on issues that affect your programs; help with ideas on how to recruit new members and ways to bring more benefits to our members.

Competition: Help with formatting and seeding JVA events; act as an advisory committee to the board on all issues dealing with competition.

If you are interested in joining the leadership of JVA in any capacity, please contact Jenny Hahn at jennyhahn@wi.rr.com