What is the Junior Volleyball Association?

The JVA is an association of Junior Club Directors who are dedicated to all facets of junior volleyball and have a desire to offer the best programming possible to their members.  JVA is a trade association established to serve those who dedicate themselves to a part or full time commitment to junior volleyball. To that end, JVA will provide:

* Information on best practices in club ownership, facility management, and methods to enhance your business acumen and effectiveness.
* A lobbying group to influence USA Volleyball and other organizations that manage, regulate and influence the junior volleyball community
* A source of information and coaching education specific to junior volleyball/club needs.
* An avenue to access club directors for companies interested in investing in the junior volleyball marketplace.
* An association that will build relationships and community within junior volleyball by linking club directors across regions, philosophy and club size.

What is the relationship with the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA)?

The AVCA is the managing partner of this new association and in that capacity will administer the operations of the organization. The advantage of this relationship is that JVA membership includes AVCA membership for club directors and gives those directors discounted access for their assistant club directors and club coaches to AVCA educational services and programs.

The benefits of dual membership include:

* Volleyball products and supplies discounts available through developed partnerships with AVCA Corporate Partners, Preferred Providers and event sponsors.
* The only volleyball technical journal, Coaching Volleyball, and drills bulletin, Volleyball Ace Power Tips, available in the United States.
* Networking opportunities with collegiate coaches and extensive information on college recruiting rules, program rankings, scholarship opportunities for players and job vacancies for coaches.
* A website full of drills, practice ideas, and motivational materials.
* An opportunity for collective lobbying with governing organizations (NCAA, USAV, NFHS) on issues important to the development of the sport.
* Registration discounts on the AVCA Convention, where, starting in 2007, a specific track of programming and meetings will be held for club directors.

Who sets the agenda for the JVA?

The JVA Board of Directors is elected from their membership with a one club, one vote format. The JVA Board will determine the overall strategy for the association, manage the financial resources and programming needs specific to juniors and advise the AVCA staff and board of directors on how to best serve the constituency and increase the membership.

Why should I share this information with other club directors in my area?

The simple answer is so that your club directors will become better business owners by joining the network of those who share their interests, passion for the game, and challenges. Other reasons:

* To increase our numbers so as to be a more powerful voice for junior volleyball
* To be able to run for and vote for the leadership of the association
* To influence the agenda of the JVA
* To share the "best practices" of your region with others and to learn "best practices" from other regions.
* To have an avenue for sharing the concerns of club directors with the Junior Elite Representative on the new USA Volleyball Board of Directors
* To have an avenue to bring Junior Volleyball concerns to the AVCA Board of Directors
* To be part of the AVCA community which encompasses college, high school, grassroots and international level coaches

The JVA is designed to serve junior volleyball directors and coaches. Make sure you have a voice in the creation of this critical association.


What is the relationship between JVA and AAU?

JVA has partnered with AAU for our mid-year championship and the AAU National Championships.  The events will require membership with AAU.  In return, the JVA mid-year championship will be insured by AAU, the top two teams in each division will be given free entry into the AAU National Championships and AAU will host a mid-year meeting for JVA in Orlando.


Please submit any questions you may have to Jenny Hahn, Executive Director



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