JVA Tournament Policies/Procedures


JVA Member Clubs are committed to providing quality competition.  Our member clubs are affiliated with various national associations such as USAV or AAU.  Some are non-affiliated.  Those clubs that are non-affiliated can secure liability, sport accident and event insurance through JVA.  Information on the insurance is on this web page, http://www.avca.org/jva/index.cfm/jva-website/member-services/jvainsurance under Member Services.


To post your tournament on the JVA web page, complete the "Event Posting Application" and return it to Jenny Hahn.


JVA Insured Tournaments

JVA Event Insurance allows teams of any affiliate to participate.  The cost of the insurance is a per team fee that is to be included in the entry fee.  The entry fee must be discounted by that amount for teams that are fully insured by JVA club member insurance. 


JVA recommends the following policies for tournaments and will follow these policies in events hosted by JVA.

Background Screenings

JVA will require proof of a clear background screening within the past 24 months of all adults on a junior roster.  A USAV coach membership will be accepted proof.  Coaches who need a background screening, can get one for only $12.00.  JVA Background Checks (this will take you to another site). 

Age Waivers

JVA will allow age waivered players in club division competitions where the age waiver will allow the athlete to play at grade level with their peers, provided they are not more than one year older than the current age definition.  A copy of a certified birth certificate and proof of grade (copy of school schedule, school id, report card, etc.) showing the player's current school year and grade must be showed to the Tournament Director prior to team check-in. 

Rules of Play for Youth Divisions

U-10 Divisions will use the following variations:

                Court Size, 8m x 8m

                Net Height, 1.9m (6'6")

                Unlimited Substitution

Step in allowed on serve (player must start on or behind the service line and can take up to 2 steps)

Maximum of 5 serves per athlete/per term of service.  After 5 serves, the team will hold the serve and rotate.

U-11 Divisions will use the same rules as U-12 but allow for the step in on the serve as above.

Warm-Up Periods

All teams will be allowed an extended warm-up period prior to the first match of the day.  Generally on the first two teams scheduled to play get an adequate warm-up.  We would like to see tournament directors allow for everyone to get at least a 20 minute warm-up prior to their first match of the day. 

U-14 Boys and Youth Coed Teams Playing in Girls Divisions*

U-10, 11, and 12 boys' teams are allowed to compete in girls' events at age level.

U-13 and 14 boys' teams are allowed to compete in girls events up an age level.

Coed Teams with not more than 3 boys on the floor at any one time, are allowed to play in girls events at age level.

*These are recommendations voted on by the JVA Board.  Club Directors are encouraged to use their discretion to encourage development of boys participation at youth levels.