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The JVA is excited to announce our partnership with AllPlayers.com, adding unprecendented value to JVA memberhsip starting with this upcoming season!  All JVA insurance and background checks can be ordered online - no paperwork!!  

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The JVA has worked very hard (many thanks to John Sample of TAV) to secure insurance for JVA sanctioned events and leagues.  Please review the JVA Insurance Overview for a complete explanation of the insurance coverage.  We have also been able to secure the addition of Sexual Molestation coverage to our policy.

JVA Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

JVA Insurance Rates** for full season coverage: 

$120/team, 11-18's

$7.50/youth volleyball and volleytots program participant, 3-10


JVA Insurance Rates** for Tournaments*:

$60/team for a Power League

$24/team for a Two Day Tournament

$34/team for a Three Day Tournament

*JVA Event insurance allows teams of any national affiliation to participate.  We require that you discount teams that have JVA full season coverage the amount of the per team event insurance.

**These are base rates but could be lower depending on the number of dates and participants.

JVA Insurance Information


JVA Background Screening Policy and Procedure

JVA requires that all coaches at a JVA hosted event are a clear background screen, dated within the last 12 months.  We will accept proof of a USAV coach membership.  JVA background screen is $12.00 and will be held on record for 12 months. 

JVA Background Checks

In order to simplify the screening process for our member clubs, in 2011-2012 JVA will be using SSCI, the same screening company as USA Volleyball. 

Participant Forms Required for JVA Insured Events

The Head Coach will need to sign a JVA Coaches' Event Sign In Form prior to his teams participation in a JVA Insured event.  This form lets the tournametn Director know that all the team's required forms (JVA Participant Release of Liability and JVA Release and Medical Form*) have been completed online at allplayers.com or that the coach has the forms in his/her possession. 

Complete JVA Insurance Information   (share this link with your players' to file Liability Release and Medical Form online)    

*The USAV Medical Release Form will also be accepted in lieau of the JVA Release and Medical Form.   

 JVA Participant Release of Liability   JVA Release and Medical Form


 If an Injury Occurs...

If an injury occurs, even if minor, the Head Coach needs to complete a JVA Incident Report Form.  If the injury is minor, keep the form on file.  If the injury is serious, fax the form and signed Liability Release to John Sample at 817-545-4557 or email to jsample@ascvb.com.  If someone wants to file a medical claim, send an email to jsample@ascvb.coom requesting a Medical Claim form to be sent to the injured party.


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