USA Volleyball CAP Recertification


Attention all USA Volleyball CAP Certified Coaches!

Did you know you can purchase CAP Re-certification Module Credits for up to 10 eligible sessions at the AVCA Spring Conference in LA on May 4-5, 2012?!


It's easy -

  • 1) First, register on the AVCA website to attend the AVCA Spring Conference!
  • 2) Then, find a CAP Modules Re-certification form in your registration bag when you check-in for the Spring Conference.
  • 3) Attend any of the specified sessions.
  • 4) Then have the Presenter of that session (or any AVCA or USAV Staffer) immediately validate your attendance by having them sign your form for you.
  • 5) Attend & have validated as many sessions as you'd like over the two days, then contact the USAV Education Department to pay for your selected Modules and submit your completed form as documentation of attendance.


Remember, all CAP Certifications expire after 4 years!  Within that 4 year period of time, you can either

  • a) Attend another course of the same level, or
  • b) Attend the next higher level course (if still currently certified), or
  • c) Attend and submit documentation of accepted CAP Module Credits - CAP Level I requires a total of 4 Module Credits to re-certify; CAP II takes a total of 5; and CAP III takes a total of 6.


For this AVCA Spring Conference you can purchase Single Credits (up to 3) or a bundle of 4, 5 or 6 credits to complete a re-certification.  Single Credits will cost $35 each; a bundle of 4 costs $125 (discounted to $31.25 each); a bundle of 5 costs $140 (discounted to $28.00 each); and a bundle of 6 costs $150 (discounted to $25.00 each).  You choose the Session Topics from those listed and  you choose the number of CAP Credits you'd like to purchase!


If you have questions about Module credits at this event, or re-certification requirements, please contact USA Volleyball Education at, or call 719-228-6800.

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