USA Volleyball's Education Department is happy to again partner with the AVCA to offer CAP Module Credits at the 2009 Spring Conference held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Championship in Provo, Utah on May 7-9, 2009. Register to attend the Coaching Conference on the AVCA Web site first, and then ADD your CAP MODULES Credits.


Click here to view which sessions would be offered with Module Credits attached.

There are a possible 8 sessions/Modules for CAP I coaches to choose from and a total of 7 possible CAP II sessions/Modules would be offered as well (all CAP I sessions would also be open for CAP II coaches to attend for recertification purposes).  If a coach is going to use the credits toward a NEW certification, they must attend their color coded sessions for this purpose.  If a CAP I coach is using them to re-certify, they must attend their color coded sessions; if a coach is going to use them to RE-certify, then they may attend EITHER color coded sessions.


After you have registered for the AVCA Spring Conference, click here to add your CAP Modules Credits.  Click here for more information.